How to play

System Requirements
Before installing and running the game, please check to make sure your PC capacity is in compliance with the requirements listed below:

  • CPU – Pentium 4 at 2 GHz
  • RAM – Higher than 1GB
  • Graphic card – GeForce 7 Series


  • CPU – Pentium Core2Duo 2 GHz
  • RAM – Higher than 2GB
  • Graphic card – GeForce 9 Series


Full Client Freya – High Five [~ 5.5 GB]
System Patch [19.1 MB]

* We highly recommend downloading, installing and updating the client that we make available to you to avoid incompatibilities in client-server communications (packets) and failures of animations, textures, dialogues, lags, etc. etc.

Install Guide
Step 1.- Download the “Full Client Freya – High Five” and place the folder wherever you want
Step 2.- Download the “System Patch” and paste his content in the root directory where you have put the client folder
Step 3.- Where you put the client folder, access to the System folder and locate the executable file “l2.exe”
Step 4.- Right click on “l2.exe” and press “send to desktop (create a direct access)”
Step 5.- You would already have everything ready, but first you would have to create an user account to be able to access the server, so you will have to access the user account creator form (CREATE GAME ACCOUNT section in this website), fill the information requested, and you would create an account that would give you access to the server, otherwise, you could not access, because the server is not “self-account or auto-account”.
Step 6.- Once you have your registered account, click on the shortcut you created in step number 4, enter your ID and password (on the client), just as you registered them in step number 5 and you will be ready!

Don’t forget to config your video settings in your client side according to your video hardware for the best graphics experience. Adjust resolution, refresh rate, antialiasing, texture modeling, etc. ,etc.