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Welcome to Our private server Adventurer!

Master the advanced combat system and harness the power of real-time tactical decisions while fighting.

Choose your path by creating unique characters from six different races: Human, Elf, Dark Elf, Orc, Dwarf, and Kamael.

Form a clan and unite your powers to defeat enemies and achieve common goals.

Take part in colossal player-versus-player siege warfare battles, defending your castle or fortress whatever the cost.

Level up a baby pet into a superior companion, or travel in style with a rideable wolf or strider pet.

High Five delivers the following updates requested by players from around the world:

  • 7 new raid bosses and nearly 20 new high-level quests.
  • New skills and items, plus revamped hunting zones.
  • Grand Olympiad enhancements and improved clan leveling.
  • Nevit's Advent Blessing, a new Vitality-related boost system.

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